Editorial Services

Copy editing, proofreading and beta reading. I help craft and polish your writing.

Whether you need assistance to smooth and hone your style, a quality check to pick up little mistakes, or beta reading feedback, my editing services can help.

  • I specialise in editing non-fiction, particularly business and IT related non-fiction.
  • I beta read both fiction and non-fiction – I love reading fiction (particularly SFF, crime and YA).

Invest in your writing. How can I help you today?

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Beta Reading / Manuscript Assessment

Direct, honest feedback on your writing. Feedback is primarily from a reader’s point of view, but also with an editor’s eye for any problems. Available for all lengths of fictions and non-fiction.

Copy and Line Editing

Editing is not so much about “perfect” grammar as great communication – for example, are you slipping between tenses? Are you repeating some words too often? Using passive voice?

  • A line edit checks your work at paragraph and sentence level, focusing on flow, structure and style.
  • The copy edit then reviews the language at sentence level – spelling, punctuation and grammar – and also checks for logic and consistency.

As well as correcting errors, I may make editing suggestions tailored to your writing’s purpose and audience to strengthen your writing for clarity and impact.


I can also provide a proofreading check of your document – this involves checking for errors that have slipped through the editing stage and ensuring that your document is consistent (headings, tables, etc.).

Why should you hire me?

  • I have excellent English language skills – grammar, spelling and punctuation – and a sharp eye for spotting errors
  • I have been writing and copy editing for over 15 years
  • I can help with business writing, technical writing and rewriting, including translating technical language and complex concepts into plain English
  • I specialise in non-fiction editing, in British and US English
  • Checking can be included if required – facts, citations and references
  • I provide friendly, five-star service – I’ll do a great job for you!

I usually work in Microsoft Word using Track Changes. Each project is unique, so please get in touch to discuss your needs and get a tailored quote – email hello@evkerr.com.


You can view my Upwork profile which includes testimonials here.